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Being a sustainable and ethical brand isn’t always easy. There are still aspects of our business which we aim to improve. We hope that one day we will achieve this goal but in the meantime we are working hard to make sure our manufacturing, supply chain, products & packaging are as ethical and sustainable as possible but always striving to be better.


Recycled silver 

We have introduced Recycled sterling silver into our new Terra collection. Moving forward we are committed to using only recycled silver and hope to do the same with our gold by the end of 2021.

It is estimated that only 15% of the world's silver supply comes from recycled metal - even though its carbon emissions are a third of mined silver. We want to be part of the change that increases this percentage. 


Any unsold pieces can be sent back to be recycled and used again in our next designs - how great is that!



We use semi precious gemstones & man made

In our latest collection we use mainly cubic zirconia and nano crystals in our designs as they can look identical to their mined equivalent however man-made stones are fully traceable which makes them 100% ethical. 

An added bonus is the ability to grow stones with fewer variations in colour and quality which is great for design consistency and considerably reduces material waste.

Natural stones are one of natures precious gifts and we delight in working beautiful stones into our designs, however they are a finite resource, that when mined, can have an extremely damaging effect on both lives and the environment. We currently use some Amazonite and Moonstone which are responsibly sourced however we are careful to keep these to a minimum.








Ethical & Cruelty free 

Our world is changing and so is the way we shop. The demand for both environmentally conscious and ethical  products is growing ever more important to us. We believe the only way of being a totally 100% ethical brand is to ensure that neither people, animals nor the environment are harmed for our jewellery.

As a bohemian, nomadic style influenced brand we found that the traditional materials used in this style of jewellery were (and often still are) Bovine bone and leather. We worked really hard with our manufacturers to find alternative materials that would still retain all the beauty of the boho design but are in line with our brand values.

NO LEATHER ( or pretty suede jewellery pouch in our packaging)




Supporting The Elephant Crisis Fund


For each piece of jewellery sold we donate £1 to Save the elephants- Elephant crisis fund

Find out more Save the elephants 

Empowering women 

We are so proud to be working with a manufacturing team of over 70% women. Meet two of the team that helped to handcraft our jewellery.

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